Welcome to a “north london karate club” for all the family our new virtual home for “KARATE KIDS “(Young Dragons” a title bestowed on the legendry Bruce Lee) and ADULT classes in Martial Arts and “Street Style” Self Defence.Our Aim is to teach you how to defend yourself and avoid trouble.
Martial Arts classes since 1978 (over 34 years) for all ages from 6 to 60+. We are proud to say that we are now teaching the 3rd generation of some of our founder members who started training with us in the 70’s. A member of the School of Japanese Karate is a member for life.


About Us

We teach the martial art of traditional Shotokan Japanese karate which promotes kindness and consideration to others, giving our students the ability to defend themselves against aggression, but never to attack first. Always to defend is the spirit of this type of martial art of ‘fighting without fighting’.
Our style of karate (Shotokan) looks after the mind, body and character of our students, developing a balanced approach between each of them. The marital art of karate is good for all ages! The brain gets as much exercise as the body, so you will stay fit and alert both physically and mentally.



Our History

The school was established in Enfield in 1978 by professional martial arts teachers David and Lilian Alleyn together with their children Brian and Christine. David and Christine are still involved in running the school.
We were runners-up in the sports person/team of the year category in the 2004 Palace Gardens Pride of North London Awards.
The husband-and-wife team studied shotokan karate and self defence under the internationally renowned Japanese shotokan martial arts masters Kanazawa, Asano, Enoeda, Kato, Kawasoe, Kase, Ohta and K. Funakoshi Sensei.