Karate – not just for the kids!

We are delighted to welcome Adults to SJK Karate as new Students. As we always like to get to know our students, it goes without saying that with us you will not just be a number, but a vital part of our martial arts school, which means you will be treated like all the rest of our students – like one of the family! We like to give our students the best possible chance to succeed and make a point of believing in them. Because of this we are known as “the friendly club”.

Do you want to learn one of the most exciting Martial Arts in the world, which includes – Shotokan Karate and “Street style” Self Defence. Our adults and karate kids (known as “Young Dragons”) can grade up to and including black belt in our North London Dojo’s.

It is also a wonderful way to “Keep Fit”.

Our style of karate has all the benefits of kickboxing and Taekwondo with none of the dangers, as we use light contact only. You won’t be disappointed if you join us. We have a lot of students who come to us from other clubs and they are surprised at the high level of our tuition.

Karate for Adults – Over 30 years at the Top!

One of the reasons that the School of Japanese Karate is so good for adults and children is because unlike most other forms of exercise the brain is exercised at the same time as the body. Thinking while you exercise keeps the brain alert and fit.

The MARTIAL ARTS moves that are learned at SJK are imprinted in the mind by practicing over and over again. Not only does this exercise both the body and the mind but because the moves become “second nature” you will respond to surprise attacks in the street.

This also keeps the mind and the body in good condition for old age. Many people, both men and women, continue training in this style of martial art well into their sixties, seventies and even eighties, practicing at a pace suitable to them.

If you trained in karate when you were younger (at SJK or any other karate club) and you would like to get back to training contact Shihan David Alleyn 7th Dan Chief Instructor SJK. Shihan David being of mature years himself understands the need to complete something later in life that was started at a younger age and will do all he can to help.

School of Japanese Karate have many black belts who have returned to training in later life after a long lay-off, some gaining their black belts in their fifties and sixties. They also have a number of girls and boys who obtained their black belts in their teens and one at the tender age of nine.
Also only available from the School of Japanese Karate is a unique DVD for beginners from their “Karate Made Easy”series. Highly Recommended.

You can try us for as little as £22.50 Adults and £21 Children

The fee represents the cost for the whole four-week course (one lesson each week) and includes a free lesson at the level you wish to train (beginners, intermediate and advanced). The membership during this time is also free.

You are also able to choose the day and the location that suits best.

If you are a parent and interested to offer your child a karate training, too, you can optimize your time by attending our ‘family classes’, where you can train along with your child for four weeks. But please keep in mind that the session with children will be only one hour long, as generally that represents the upper limit of their attention span.

Intermediate classes are taught separately from the beginners.

Also the level of instructions is tailored to student’s growing interest.

We recognize previous gradings.