Weekly lessons

Everyone is welcome to do more than one lesson a week, everyone under Purple belt currently has 5 classes a week to choose from, purple and above only have 1 class each but if there is more interest for either weekend or week day classes I will happily run more classes.

Under 5s 20-30minute classes, I have had a handful of parents interested in this but no specific days or times, I’ve had the time frame of 10am-12pm suggested – if these classes will clash with a class I have running already, It will be taken by another teacher. 

  • Monday 4PM – Under 7s – Beginner to White and Red Stripe belts (40 mins)
  • Monday 5PM – Over 7s – Orange to Yellow belts ((1 hour)
  • Tuesday 5PM – White – Orange belts Mixed ages (45 mins)
  • Wednesday 4.30PM – Mixed ages – Orange to Green belts (45 mins)
  • Friday 5PM – Over 7s – (Group 1) Orange to Yellow belt (1 hour)
  • Friday 5PM – (Group 2) – Over 7s – Green to Purple and White Stripe belts (1 hour)
  • Saturday 10AM – Under 7s – Beginner to White and Red belts (40 mins)
  • Saturday 11AM – (Group 1) – Over 7s – Brown & Brown 1 White stripe belts (3rd & 2nd Kyus) (1 hour)
  • Saturday 11AM – (Group 2) – Over 7s – 1st Kyus & Black belts (1 hour)

Lesson payment

  • If you have run out of pre paid for lessons, whilst were running everything online, we are happy for you to pay per class, under 16s £7, over 16s £8. 
  • If you want to pay for a block of lessons we are offering a special online discount for a block of 4 lessons to be used within 4 weeks of purchase; under 16s £25 over 16s £29. 
  • If you want to pay for more than 4 lessons at a time you can pay the usual 12 lessons which includes 1 Free £77 under 16s, £88 over 16s. 

Lesson attendance

We know the days seems to be rolling into each other making it difficult to keep track of days and times for classes so we do ask that you set some sort of reminder, if you’re booked in for a particular lesson we will send zoom details out a few hours before your classes. 
As we’ve mentioned, if you’re booked in for a class online but know you will be missing it, please send us an email or text with at least one hours notice, so we aren’t waiting for you in class which prevents the class from starting on time.
If you’ve forgotten about the class please contact us within 24 hours to inform us, we will contact you after the class but if we do not hear from you, you will forfeit that paid lesson. 
Any Bank Holidays whilst we are in lock down, online classes will still go ahead as usual.

As you know we were shifting to do three gradings a year this year, our last one being in March and our next scheduled for July, however as we currently are unsure of how long this lock down will continue, we are considering allowing students who are 100% certain on their current syllabus and has enough lessons, to do an online grading for the same price as in person except these will be 1-1 via zoom. We will send certificates and belts by post or drop off outside your door, if you’re local to any of us, if this is of interest to anyone please let us know.