Our Team


Christine Alleyn 5th Dan Shotokan Karate Sensei

Sensei Christine daughter of David & Lilian started karate with her parents at the age of 9 years. Christine graded and studied Shotokan Karate and Self Defence under the top Shotokan Japanese Martial Arts Masters: Kanazawa Sensei, (Probably the best karate master alive today) Asano Sensei, Enoeda Sensei, Kato Sensei, Kawasoe Sensei, Kase Sensei, Ohta Sensei and K Funakoshi Sensei.          

Having gained her black belt as a teenager Christine taught for SJK until she had her own family. She then went on to open her own sister club Black Panther Karate. Unfortunately Sensei Lilian passed away in 2013 and Shihan David has retired due to ill health. Sensei Christine is now Proprietor of School of Japanese Karate and Black Panther Karate.

Sensei Christine attends and judges all the SJK & BPK gradings. 

The following shows the minimum period of time it takes to reach the various different Dan levels including Shihan David’s level of 7th Dan:

     3 years to reach Black Belt 1st Dan (After 3 years)

     2 more years to reach 2nd Dan       (After 5 years)

     3 more years to reach 3rd Dan        (After 8 years)

     4 more years to reach 4th Dan        (After 12 years)

     5 more years to reach 5th Dan        (After 17 years)

     6 more years to reach 6th Dan        (After 23 years)

     7 more years to reach 7th Dan        (After 30 years)

At least 30 years of training and teaching are required to reach the grade of 7th  DanThis means Sensei David has been awarded Seven Blacks in Karate and one in Ju Jitsu making a total of eight Black belts. (or 8 Dan gradings)


Rest of the SJK Team:-

Sensei Zina (2nd Dan)


Zina has been with SJK for many years and recently achieved her Nidan grade (2nd Dan), Zina helps teach both Saturday and some Sundays. Zina is also very dedicated and can be relied on to help bring out the best in both adults and children.


Sensei Andy (1st Dan)


Andy has been teaching for  SJK for a couple of years and is a vital part of the teaching team. He has trained with SJK for a few years and has achieved his black belt with us too. He is DBS checked and is an insured instructor, he derives great satisfaction from, and is dedicated to helping both adults and children reach their full potential.


SJK Shotokan Karate was established in Enfield in 1978 by martial arts husband and wife team, David and Lilian Alleyn (Unfortunately Lilian passed away in 2013) and Shihan David has retired due to ill health.

They both taught the martial art of shotokan karate and self defence all over England and the UK for well over 30 years and were both professional Martial Arts teachers. Many martial arts clubs in UK and abroad are run by their old students.
Both David and Lilian graded and studied Shotokan Karate and Self Defence under the top Shotokan Japanese Martial Arts Masters: Kanazawa Sensei,(Probably the best karate master alive today) Asano Sensei, Enoeda Sensei, Kato Sensei, Kawasoe Sensei, Kase Sensei, Ohta Sensei and         K Funakoshi Sensei.

SJK now have Enfield Karate Classes & North London Shotokan Karate Clubs.
With training for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. Over 20 Black Belt Students and Instructors train at their Schools and Clubs. All instructors have been DBS checked and are fully insured.

Due to ill Health Shihan David has retired but was the Enfield/North London SJK Karate Chief Instructor – 7th Dan Master of Karate (Teacher of Teachers) He is Qualified Referee and holds Dip. Sports Psychology from Newcastle College. Shihan David also holds a Black belt in Ju Jitsu, Lilian was a 4th Dan Shotokan Karate Sensei (Teacher) but has now sadly passed away.


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Carol and Ray Are not teaching for us for the foreseeable future.