Complete club rules:
Please don’t forget to refresh yourself with the rules that were given to you when you joined and please remember class fees are non refundable. (The fee is an absolute regardless of whether you train. Essentially, your fee is securing your place in the Dojo as we are often asking students to join a waiting list). If you do not attend any lessons and if you decided to take a holiday outside of Black Panther School of Japanese Karate’s time table your fees are still due. (see Holiday dates) Please note we do not run strictly by school holidays due to club Grading lesson requirements. If you are ill for 2 weeks or more as long as you bring in a note from your doctor we will move on your 2 weeks of lesson fees prepaid. There are many different ways to pay, please ask! 

Pay as you go members do not have a base class unless requested and must inform us of absences, after two weeks we will try to contact you at least twice by email and if we do not get a response and if you have not trained for 4 weeks without informing us of your absence we have the right to terminate your membership and give your place to someone else. Free lessons can only be used in your base class and not at other venues.

We require 4 weeks notice if you decide to leave the club. This is so we can open up your space to others wanting to join the club. 

We accept Bank Transfer and most major credit/debit card payments for all transactions in class, but Payment on the website are taken by cards Visa / Mastercard/Paypal in our online shop for trials only. We do not accept cheques!  (Trials can only be paid for by bank transfer details will be sent to you, or via our online shop using payment cards or Paypal. If you have to pay in class we do accept most major debit/credit cards).

Please note that all deposits and any fees paid are none refundable if you change your mind (Including special long term discounted lesson fees) and you have 7 days to claim a partial refund minus Admin fees.

If you have just joined as a new member and you decide to leave the club or you move more than 15 miles away from any Black Panther Karate classes, you will have 7 days to let us know in writing to receive a partial refund of your Joining package by cheque within 30 days but administration charges will be deducted. If you are paying the joining package in instalments and you leave without notice then the full package price becomes payable. 

Karate suits supplied with the package must be returned in the original packaging and unworn (apart from trying them on for size) for an exchange of the correct size.