Full terms & conditions & complete club rules

COVID COMPLIANT RULES FOR THE DOJO (HALL) Please Note: **All students attending the halls must not be sick, including anyone who is bringing the students to their classes. DO NOT ATTEND if either a student or parent/guardian or family member is unwell**Students must be dropped off outside the building and picked up outside of the building – no one but students are permitted to wait inside the building **Hand sanitizer must be used before and after each lesson. It is recommended that you bring your own**Everyone must confirm their attendance before coming to a Hall lessons.**You will be given allocated spot to train from once you have been told to enter **Please give young students easy slip on and off shoes **Masks must be worn inside any of the buildings and passageways and students ONLY can remove them once inside the DOJO.

Complete club rules:

But please don’t forget to refresh yourself with the rules that you ticked off and agreed to when you started your trial.

Please remember class fees are non refundable. (The fee is an absolute regardless of whether you train. Essentially, your fee is securing your place in the Dojo as we are often asking students to join a waiting list). If you do not attend any lessons and if you decide to take a holiday outside of Black Panther School of Japanese Karate’s time table your fees are still due. (see Holiday dates) Please note we do not run strictly by school holidays due to club Grading lesson requirements. If you are ill we require at least 24 hours notice. (Exceptional circumstances may be taken into account if agreed by the Class Head Instructor or in their absence the Club Owner).  We require 4 weeks notice if you decide to leave the club. This is so we can open up your space to others wanting to join the club. 

All other members have a base class and pay either 4, 12, or 24 weeks (free lessons apply for 12 & 24 weeks) Please ask!!!

Free lessons can be used in any of our classes with prior permission.

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and most major credit/debit card payments for all transactions in class except Sunday, 

Payment on BPSJK’s website will be taken by either Visa / Mastercard/Paypal in our online shop for trials only. We do not accept cheques!  (Trials can be paid for by bank transfer details will be sent to you, or via our online shop.

You have a cooling off period of 7 days for packages to claim a partial refund minus Admin fees and as long as you have not taken part in the lessons and all issued clothing must be returned unworn and unopened. If the clothing has been used and lessons attended this will be deducted from the refund.

Please note that all deposits and any fees paid are none refundable if you just change your mind (Including special long term discounted lesson fees). 

If you leave the club because you move more than 15 miles away from any Black Panther Karate classes, you will have 7 days to let us know in writing to receive a partial refund of your Joining package either by cheque or bank transfer within 30 days but administration charges will be deducted. 

If you are paying the joining package in instalments and you leave without notice then the full package price becomes payable. 

Karate suits supplied with the package must be returned in the original packaging and unworn (apart from trying them on for size) for an exchange of the correct size.


We are committed to making sure our members are satisfied with the service we provide, but we are realistic enough to know that things don’t go according to plan all the time. If you have a complaint, we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we may fully investigate it and sort the matter out. If you have a complaint, you should first tell a member of staff at your club. If you are not satisfied with their response, you should contact Sensei Christine who will investigate your complaint and inform you of her decision.

Cancelling your membership

We will not tolerate our staff or other members being verbally abused or intimidated or being physically threatened. If we find this to be the case, we have the right to report you to the police, to ban you immediately and permanently from the club and all other BPSJK venues and to cancel your entire membership. We may also cancel your entire membership in the following circumstances. Terms and Conditions up dated December 2020 • If you the member breaks or repeatedly breaks this membership agreement or the club rules and you do not or cannot put it right within seven days of us writing to you about it. • If, with your knowledge or permission, another person uses your membership to get into the club. • If you or guest uses rude or abusive language or behaves or threatens to behave in a violent or aggressive way at any BPSJK Club. • If, for a period of longer than 1 calendar month, you do not use any club facilities without any form of notice. If we receive any complaint about your behaviour at any BPSJK Club or if you persistently behave inappropriately, or if we believe that your continued membership is not in the interests of other members of your club, we have the right to suspend your entire membership. You have the right to appeal against our decision (unless your behaviour is covered by the above). We will also not accept any future applications you make for membership to any BPSJK Club and you will not be allowed to enter any BPSJK Club as a guest or for any other reason. If you do not pay your club fees when they are due we will write to you to let you know. We may refer any missed payments, including any future payments that are due to a debt collection agency. If you fall behind with your package payments for more than 30 days, we will charge you an administration fee of £75. We will also charge an administration fee of £10 each missed payment. If you do not pay for your package, we may prevent you and any linked members (adults or children) from entering any club. This does not mean we will end your membership. You must give us 4 weeks written notice to leave the club.