Thank you to those who have responded to our email from Sunday in case you missed it, please check your spam box.

Due to popular demand we are able to hold a few time slots on Friday and Saturday in Trent Park as this park right in between most of our classes, accessible by public transport or driving and has a few large fields to social distance from others.

We will be having 30 minute lessons so we can fit more students in but small bubbles of 5 students per 1 teacher – The teachers will be Sensei Debbie and Sensei Melissa,  the fee is 瞿5 per session.

The time slots are as stated below, groups are split into ages or belts. We only have a few spaces left as listed below .


Friday 4pm to 4.30pm – 1 space available in the younger group, 1 spaceavailablein the slightly older group
Friday 4.30pm to 5pm – 3 spaces availablefor high grades in 1 group and 5 spaces available in the other group any grade or age
Friday 5pm to 5.30pm – 1 group fully booked (older students), younger students 2 spaces left
Friday 5.30pm to 6pm – 1 group fully booked and 1 group 5 spaces


Saturday 10.30am to 11am – 2 spaces left in 1 group (younger group) and 4 spaces left in the other (older group)
Saturday 11am to 11.30am – 3 spaces in the higher grade group available and 4 spaces in the younger aged group available
Saturday 11.30am to 12pm – all 10 spaces available
Saturday 12.30pm to 1pm – 1 group 4 spaces available and the other group all 5 spaces available

**Spaces are likely to fill fast and are placed as first come first served**

**Please note if you do not want to come to the park lessons or cannot make them and usually have a zoom class on Friday or Saturday at the times above – your class will still run at the same time as usual but with Sensei Zina on the zoom (Friday will be 5.15pm start)
If the weather is good next week we will be doing the same times and place again, if Friday and Saturday does not suit others or the place please suggest location days and times and I will try to accommodate.

Parents and students are advised to follow the following guide:
1. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes And use it before and after the lesson. 
2. Avoid touching gate/door handles 
3. Please do not bring your child if either your child or a family member has a temperature or is not feeling well or has a cold or flu like symptoms. 
4. Apply sun block on their child.
5. Please bring a bottle of water so your child can have a drink. 
6. If your child suffers from hay fever or allergies please ensure they have taken their precautions like anti histamine tablets and insect repellent.
7. Parents must follow the Government guidelines on social distancing. 
8. Cash will not be accepted on the day. Payment must be made by bank transfer or card payment only. This must be paid before the start of the lesson.
9. Please ensure you explain to your child they must follow the 2 metre rule and must not touch anyone other than family members. 
10. Parents to sit away from the group but within earshot in case you are required. You must also follow follow the Government guidelines for social distancing.

Once each lesson is finished, the students will be asked to return to their parents one at a time to comply with social distancing.

The next session can then come to us safely without breaking the social distancing measures.