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We teach the martial art of traditional Shotokan Japanese karate which promotes kindness and consideration to others, giving our students the ability to defend themselves against aggression, but never to attack first. Always to defend is the spirit of this type of martial art of ‘fighting without fighting’.

As clichéed as it sounds, Karate is a way of life. You learn to face critical situations, confronting them calmly, firmly and with success. You will be amazed at the impact karate will have on your life, not only in a crisis but in everyday activities, as the spirit of excelling and the self-knowledge attained will arm you with better tools to achieve an altogether better life!

Why choose karate and not other Martial Arts like Kickboxing Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu. Aikido, Judo, Win-Chun, etc. Because learning karate gives you:

  • structure
  • focus
  • confidence

Our  style of karate (Shotokan) looks after the mind, body and character of our students, developing a balanced approach between each of them. The marital art of karate is good for all ages! The brain gets as much exercise as the body, so you will stay fit and alert both physically and mentally.

We are a friendly club and we promote the family spirit, but we equally encourage diversity in every way. Our students can range from young children to grown-up ‘black belts’ returning to training later in life.

We are committed to delivering a high level of tuition. We aim to have at least two qualified black belt instructors per class and we never overbook our classes.

The three important K’s in karate are:

  • Kihon (basics)
  • Kumite (fighting, not full contact)
  • Kata (planned moves against imaginary oponents)


    Our aim is to unite all races regardless of colour or creed to practice together in the martial art of Shotokan karate and self defence which is based on self protection and care for one another. We want to be able to hold our heads up high, knowing that what we are doing is really making a difference in the community like keeping kids out of trouble, helping people lose weight and helping them to keep fit.

    • We will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.
    • We teach our students to have mutual respect for one another – if you want respect you must show respect
    • We take adults and children into the world of martial arts with our step-by-step tuition with care and consideration
    • We believe it is not enough for someone just to obtain a black belt and to start teaching, it requires an understanding of human nature and consideration of peoples needs, be it teaching adults or children.
    • We aim to help you develop your Mind, Body and Character.
    • We aim to give you or your child a new confidence – peace of mind and to promote anti-bullying.
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