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(Est. in 1978)

You can start by enrolling your child in one of the three or four-week introductory Young Dragon classes for just £19.50 for three weeks and £25 for four weeks. Along with the separate classes for each age category (6 years and above), we run ‘family classes’, which begin every week. In our experience, the younger the child, the shorter the attention span and consequently, it’s been proven that an hour is sufficient for the average 12 year old or below. You are welcome to join yourself for as little as £21 for 3 weeks and £27 for four weeks and you can train along with your child for the three or  four weeks.

Alternatively, parents are always welcome to stay and watch their Young Dragon karate kids training sessions, which are much more than just kicking, screaming and breaking boards.

Whilst having fun, your Young Dragon “Karate Kid” stays healthy and develops durable foundation for a strong, confident character.

Through our Young Dragon karate training, we cultivate values such as sportsmanship, focus, discipline and emotional control. Our instructors understand the added responsibility of teaching Young Dragon karate to children and also the basic principles of growth and development through childhood to adolescence.

If you wonder how far could your child go you will be happy to know that the Young Dragon Karate Kids can grade up to and including black belt. We also recognize any previous gradings.