Tried many karate clubs – none compare to BPK/SJK. Thank you to all the team of instructors
Thanks so much

Thank you so much Sensei David, you have done wonders with Mathews confidence – before he came to train with you he was often picked on and bullied at school. He has now made a lot of new friends and is very popular with his pier group. Please also give our thanks to his other instructors Ray, Anna and Ian.
Look forward to the next lesson
E- mail 

” Dear Sensei,
I hope that you, Sensei Lilian and your family are all well.
I wanted to update you on Sam. He has just passed his 3rd Dan and also achieved a 2:1 in Sports & Exercise Science at Loughborough University.
Both Sam and I are indebted to you for the work you did with him. I have no doubt that without your teaching, he would not be the karate student he now is.
All the very best,
E- mail 

” Dear David
Here are a few photos which I took during today’s grading. Stephen is thrilled to have got his brown belt and we would like to thank all senseis for their hard work and perseverience in getting him up to the requiered standard.
Sensei David, it was really superb to see you again today and great to see Chrtistine, too. Please also pass on our best wishes to Sensei Lilian.
Chris Chessum ”

E-mail received. The pictures are included in the slideshow on the right.

” Just few lines to tell you hoe much I enjoyed watching the karate grading on Sunday.
It was a fantastic idea to have the shodan and higher dan gradings at the same time as the lower grades.
It was thrilling and exciting to watch the advanced Katas (spectacular Unsu by Fabio!) and especially the Kumite (with flashes of Kyokushin – might I add!).
I think that all your students that were present have been given a clear message of encouragement and motivation in order to reach their ultimate goal in obtaining their black belt status and beyond!
Hopefully my son Riccardo will achieve his next year!
I hope Sensei Lilian is ok, I know she is missed at the Friday Broomfield class.
Kind regards,
Salvatore Dinatale ”

” Thank you Sensei, I thought your enthusiasm with the yellow belts this afternoon was inspiring. I hope they learn to use breathing to compliment their dexterity. My son seemed to be more than happy to have spent three hours learning. Not bad for a six year old. Well done to you and yours – keep up the good work!
Michael Dunn ”

” I just wanted to take the time to officially say a big thank you to the club, but in particular to Anna Christofides for helping me through my first grading. I don’t think I that I ever been taught anything with such kindness, enthusiasm and dedication before. Anna would always take time to explain everything to the class clearly and she would always make sure that we understood what was expected of us. She was also always very patient of our msitakes
It was through her encouragement and (very) hard work that I found the enthusiasm to pursue karate, and thanks to her that I was able to gain my orange belt, something which, back in February when she took over our beginners class, I did not have the confidence to believe I would be able to do.
She is a credit to SJK Karate and I hope that she continues to inspire the others the way that she inspired me!
Alex Maisey ”

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